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Carport Canopy Kit High Peak with Tarp 1-3/4" ID

Carport Canopy Kit High Peak with Tarp 1-3/4" ID

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These High peak Carport Canopy Kits come with Tarp and Ball bungee tie cods, but do not include the poles to form the Roof or Legs of the frame.   

The finished project is i
deal for vehicle RV or trailer storage, wedding tents, outdoor art shows, picnic, Greenhouse, and flea/farmers' market 
shade. Temporary seasonal storage and protection from sun, rain and other elements of weather, double carport.

Our high peak kit comes with the accessories required to build a strong  Carport Frame; but does not include the required 1-11/16" fence poles for making the Frame Legs and rest of the roof - you need to buy them separately. They are available at your local hardware store. 

Included in the your Kit 

  • 3-way and 4-way metal high peak frame fittings, 
  •  Required Ball bungee ties and 
  • A matching  HD 12 mil. Tarp cut to industry standard (Not a Valance Tarp)

Optional: You can choose to add matching footpads.  

FINISHED FRAME: Is high peak, with pitch angle of 30 degrees and pitch rise of 7" / Ft rise.

USER MANUAL: We will provide a USER MANUAL with pole quantities & dimensions.


*The high peak 120 degree 3-Way and 4-Way corrosion / rust proofed steel fittings are designed to be assembled with 1-11/16" OD Fence Poles.
*The heavy duty high quality Ball Bungee Cords designed to securely hold Tarps  to the frame  have large plastic ball ends to prevent slipping.  Made from high quality elastic with woven cover for durability they help to prevent tarp from tearing (provide some "flex" for wind gusts, absorb sudden jerks and distribute the loading force between the grommets).
*The Matching Tarp is not a Valance tarp. It is a 12 mil heavy duty regular polytarp with the following other features 
  1. You will find that the accompanying Tarp is 2ft wider than the width of the frame you will use it on; this is normal.
  2. Super heavy duty with triple water resistant coating lamination 
  3. Grommets  strategically placed to securely anchor the tarp to the canopy frame 
  4. Poly roping in hem all around to protect tarp and reinforced corners for extra strength 
  5. Not fire retardant - will ignite and burn in contact with an open flame 
  6. Water, mildew and UV protected (all weather protection) 
*The Footpads provide extra stability to your carports, tents, shade or garage. They are 16 gauge thickness. With the footpads attached to the legs of your frame you will be protecting your investment from being carried away by heavy wind. 

Height of Carport: Can be any height you want. 

Pole Dimensions (quantity & Lengths) shall be e-mailed upon shipping your order. 

Order handling time: 1-3 business days. 

Expect delivery within: 2-8 business days. 




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