What countries do you ship to? 

We have two warehouses - Our USA warehouse ships only to the USA. While our CANADA warehouse ships to both Canada and the USA. Products in the warehouses may differ, so make sure the item you're ordering can ship to your location; if not sure contact the seller for clarification. 


Are the Products listed in US dollars or Canadian dollars? 

All products are listed in US dollars. There is a site currency converter that allows you to convert to your local currency.


Do you send a user manual for the canopy Kits?

We will send you an electronic user infographic manual to help you easily and quickly assemble the canopy kits upon request. Kindly advise us about the WIDTH x LENGTH x WALL HEIGHT you want the frame to have, and we shall provide detail for the build and assembly including the number of required poles and their dimensions for FREE. 

Do you have any store catalogue to see your products?
No, we do not have a catalogue since all our products can be viewed on our website. By having all our products on the website it is easier for us to constantly update the information on our collections, therefore providing more accurate and current information to our customers.