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Carport Canopy Frame Length Extender

Carport Canopy Frame Length Extender

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High Peak Canopy Fittings-For Adding Extra Section To Compatible Canopy Frame

Tackle bigger builds with our High Peak Fittings for Compatible Canopy Frames - designed to extend your greenhouse, carport, gazebo, pergola, plant support structure, or cold frame with ease. The set includes 1" EMT tubing, 4-way fittings, and footpads - so you can make the most of your structure.

The Set of Fittings is designed for anyone wishing to add an extra section to a compatible Carport or Greenhouse Frame.

For High-Peak Canopy Frames uses 1" EMT tubing.


*Outdoor Canopy
*Carport canopy
*Plant Support Structure
*Cold Frame

The pack will contain 4way fittings and matching Footpads.

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