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New Canopy Tarp with 100pc 8" Bungee Cords #TABB

New Canopy Tarp with 100pc 8" Bungee Cords #TABB

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Brief Description: 

This is a set of Canopy Tarp with Bungee Cords - 12 Mil heavy duty waterproof canopy tarp with woven 8" ball bungee tie  down cords can be put to a variety of uses. 

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Let's get into the nitty gritty details.



  • Tarp Color - SILVER 
  • Tarp thickness - 12 mill (6 oz)
  • 14 x 14 black yarn weave (woven vertical and horizontal 
  • These are NOT the cheaper 12x14 yarn weave or 10 mil, they are the super heavy duty tarps.
  • Heavy duty with triple water resistant coating and lamination
  • Aluminum Grommets at the corners and perimeters
  • Poly roping in hem all around and reinforced corners for extra strength 
  • Water, mildew and UV protected (all weather protection)
  • Strong and rust proof grommets every 18 inches and at each corner.
  • The heavy duty high quality Ball Bungee Cords are 8" thick, and have large plastic ball ends to prevent slipping. They are designed to securely hold Tarps to canopy frame.


You'll Receive 1xTarp Plus 100ct Ball Bungee Cords. 

* Various Sizes to choose from.
* All of the tarp sizes are "Cut Sizes" the industry standard.
* The "Finished Size" is 4"-6" shorter on each side (i.e. ~ 2% smaller than the "cut size")

You can use them for:

  • General cover tent
  • Covers for Car, Lumber, Boat, Machine, Pool or Haystack covers
  • Camping ground sheet / Picnic mats
  • Wind protectors / Privacy walls


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