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Canopy Stakes - Rebar Auger Screw Ground Anchors Tent Marquee

Canopy Stakes - Rebar Auger Screw Ground Anchors Tent Marquee

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Our Canopy Stakes are designed for maximum strength and security, making them perfect for anchoring canopy frames to the ground. They can also be used to secure your canopy frames to hard ground for outdoor events.  Guaranteed to stay in place no matter the weather. They make the best Shelter Auger Earth Anchors, why not secure your canopy frames today?

We various models a designs to choose from.

18" Auger Canopy Stakes: Is 18" long ,  and features a 3/8" steel diameter and a 1" ring diameter, providing superior strength. The 3" auger at the tip gives you exceptional stability in loose or sandy ground.

18" Rebar Canopy Stakes:  18" long heavy-duty steel stakes. Made of 3/8" steel, these stakes feature a 1" interior diameter and an extra thick 1/8" steel ring for greater strength and security

15" Rebar Canopy Stakes: Features a heavy-duty construction of 1/2" steel and a 1-1/4" diameter ring with 1/8" steel thickness, these stakes provide incredible strength and security. 

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