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Canopy Frame Fitting Kit High Peak 1-3/4" ID 1-7/8" OD

Canopy Frame Fitting Kit High Peak 1-3/4" ID 1-7/8" OD

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Canopy Fittings Kit   

These fittings all have an inner diameter (ID) of 1-3/4"; they're designed to fit fence poles with outer diameter  of 1-11/16".

These fittings come with Footpads but not with the poles to form the leg and roof poles. There is also an option to buy the carport canopy kit without the footpads.

WHY BUY THESE: They are designed to let you easily and quickly assemble a commercial grade carport, canopy and greenhouse frame that will last a lifetime with proper use.


  • Various sizes to choose from
  • 16 Gauge, Rust / Corrosion Proofed steel construction 
  • Helps assembling canopy frames of high peak model, with connector angle of 120 degrees, frame pitch angle of 30 degrees and frame  pitch rise of 7"/ foot.


  1. If buying for a previously owned system, make sure you measure the outer diameter for your existing pole to ensure they will fit our fittings.
  2. Maximum entrance width is 30ft Wide.
  3. Peak Height: up to 20ft.
  4. If you are not sure if this kit will build what you have in mind contact us with the W x L x H (ft.) and we shall figure it out for you, and would provide support till your project is completed. 
  5. Order handling time: 1-3 business days.  Expect delivery within: 2-8 business days within continental USA. 

Ideal For: 

  • Building a Carport, Tent, Greenhouse or Flea-Market Shade.
  • Replacement / Repair of worn-out Tent / Carport Frame fittings. 
  • Carport to be used with metal or polycarbonate roofing sheet.

Style Details

  • 4-Leg Style is suitable for 6-to-10' (W) x 10' (L) frame
  • 6-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-18' (W) x 12-to-20' (L) frames
  • 8-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-18' (W) x 24-to-30' (L) frames
  • 10-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-20' (W) x 24-to-40' (L) frames
  • 12-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to30' (W) x 32-to-50' (L) frames.
  • 14-to-18-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-30' (W) x 24-to-60 (L) frames
  • 20-to-24-Leg Style is suitable for *10-to-30' (W) x 30-to-70' (L) frames.

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