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Canopy Fitting Kit 1-3/8" ID 1-1/2" OD High Peak

Canopy Fitting Kit 1-3/8" ID 1-1/2" OD High Peak

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  • These High Peak carport canopy fittings all have an inner diameter (ID) of 1-3/8";  they're designed to be assembled using FENCE poles with an outer diameter (OD) of 1-5/16".
  • Our High Peak fittings can be assembled with or without Footpads. They do not come with the poles to form the leg and roof poles.


  • Our High Peak fittings are designed to let you easily and quickly assemble a commercial grade carport, canopy and greenhouse frame that will last a lifetime with proper use.


  • Various sizes to choose from
  • 16 Gauge, Rust / Corrosion Proofed steel construction
  • Helps assembling canopy frames of high peak model, with connector angle of 120 degrees, frame pitch angle of 30 degrees and frame pitch rise of 7"/ foot.


*If buying for a previously owned system; measure the outer diameter for your existing pole to ensure they will fit our fittings.

*Maximum entrance width is 30ft Wide.; Peak Height: up to 20ft.

*If you are not sure if this kit will build what you have in mind contact us with the W x L x H (ft.) and we shall figure it out for you, and would provide support till your project is completed.


  • Building a High Peak Carport, Tent, Greenhouse or Flea-Market Shade.
  • Replacement / Repair of worn-out High Peak Tent / Carport Frame fittings.
  • High Peak Carport to be used with metal or polycarbonate roofing sheet.


  • 4-Leg Style is suitable for 6-to-10' wide x 10' Long frame
  • 6-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-18' wide x 12-to-20' long frames
  • 8-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-18' wide x 24-to-30' long frames
  • 10-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-20' wide x 24-to-40' long frames
  • 12-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to30' wide x 32-to-50' long frames.
  • 14-to-18-Leg Style is suitable for 10-to-30' wide x 24-to-60 long frames
  • 20-to-24-Leg Style is suitable for *10-to-30' wide x 30-to-70' Long frames.
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