Pole Sellers - Where can I find the poles that fit


The poles required are the galvanized steel fence post pipes that have equal diameter at both ends . You want the 16G, or 17G , or 18G or 20G but not the 22G.

If using any gauge above 16G, you may need to bore a hole on the footpads so you can tighten it to the legs using bolt/nut especially if you reside in the very windy part of the USA or you bought models that do not have build-in lock-screws.

Below are known Sellers in the USA, look for the ones located close to you contact them to ensure the have what you want.

1] Speedy metals,

2] Hoover-fence,

3] American Fence & Supply Co.

4] Menards,

5] Lowes galvanized Steel Fence Rails,

6] Discount Steel Galvanized Steel Pipes,

7] Grabber metal conduit,

8] Fence-material,

9] General Wire & Supply CO,

10] The Fence Department Inc.,

11] Island Fence.

12] Home depot.


Here are Sellers in the CANADA, look for the ones located close to you contact or visit them.

 1] Home depot

2] Lowes chain link fence rails and posts

3] Phoenix fence Chain-link

4] Ace Canada - steel fence posts

5] Gringer.ca

6] Also check on Kijiji


If you happen to find only pipes that are tapered at one of the ends, you will need to cut off the tapered end before you can use it with our fittings.


Hope you find this helpful.