Pole Sellers - Where can I find the poles that fit

where to find the poles for canopy kits



The poles required are the galvanized steel fence post pipes that have equal diameter at both ends . You want the 16G, or 17G , or 18G or 20G but not the 22G.

If using any gauge above 18G, you may need to bore a hole on the footpads so you can tighten it to the legs using bolt/nut especially if you reside in the very windy part of the USA or you bought models that do not have build-in lock-screws.

Below are known Sellers in the USA, look for the ones located close to you contact them to ensure the have what you want.

1] Chainlink Fence: Choose pipe size

2] Hoover Fence Co: Select pipe size 

3] American Fence & Supply Co: Select pipe size 

4] Greschlers Hardware: See 1-3/8 pipes, and 1-5/8 pipes 

5] Best Gate & Fence Company: See 1-3/8 pipes, see 1-5/8  pipes

6] Americas fence store: See 1-3/8"  pipes,  1-5/8"  pipes and  1-5/8" pipes 

7] Lowes

8] Home Depot

9] Menards 

10] Chain link fittings: See more


Here are Sellers in the CANADA, look for the ones located close to you contact or visit them.

 1] Home depot: Sample chain link fence rails 1-3/8"   vs. 1-5/8" posts 

2] Lowes: Sample chain link fence rails and posts 

3] Phoenix fence Chain-link: Visit now 

4] Rona: 1-3/8" posts   vs. 1-5/8" posts 

5] Gringer Canada: See samples 1-3/8"   vs. 1-5/8 

6] Metal Supermarkets Saskatoon: visit now


If you happen to find only pipes that are tapered / swedged at one of the ends, you will need to cut off that end before you can use it with our fittings.


Hope you find this helpful.