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14-to-24-Leg Large Greenhouse Frame Kits

Introducing 14-to-24-Leg Greenhouse Frame Kits: Sturdy, Versatile, and Built to Last.

 As a farmer or greenhouse enthusiast, you understand the importance of reliable structures that can withstand the elements. Whether you’re growing crops, extending seating capacity for your restaurant, or setting up temporary shelters, having a robust framework is essential. That’s where our new line of 14-to-24-leg greenhouse frame kits comes in.


The Problem with Prefab Greenhouse Kits

Prefab greenhouse kits have their limitations. They might be easy to assemble, but they often fall short in crucial areas:

  1. Lack of Customization: Prefab kits are one-size-fits-all, leaving you with limited options for expansion or modification.
  2. Susceptibility to Wind: Many prefab structures are lightweight and prone to wind damage. Imagine investing in a greenhouse only to watch it blow away during a storm.
  3. Inability to Adapt: What if you need to repurpose your structure? Prefab kits don’t always allow for flexibility.

The greenhouse structure built with these kits will stand snow and wind! Don't waste your money on prefab greenhouse kits that you cannot extent as needed and easy blown away by wind.

The Solution: Heavy-Duty Greenhouse Frame Kits

Our 14-to-24-leg greenhouse frame kits are designed to address these challenges. Here’s why they stand out:

1. Built to Last

  • Heavy-Duty Materials: We use 1-3/4" inside diameter fittings for maximum strength. These fittings can withstand snow loads, wind, and other environmental stressors.
  • Durability: Our structures are made to last, ensuring your investment pays off over the long term.

2. Versatility Beyond Greenhouses

  • Greenhouses: Yes, these kits are perfect for greenhouses. But that’s not all!
  • Church Premises: Need additional space for gatherings or events? Our kits can create sturdy shelters.
  • Restaurant Extensions: Expand your seating capacity with confidence.
  • Temporary COVID Screening Shelters: In challenging times, having a reliable structure for health screenings matters.

3. High Peak or Low Peak? You Decide!

  • High Peak Greenhouse Frame Structure:

    • Choose the 14-leg or 24-leg option for a high peak design.
    • Ideal for spacious greenhouses with ample height.
    • Perfect for maximizing vertical growing space.
  • Low Peak Greenhouse Canopy Fittings:

    • Sometimes height limitations come into play.
    • Our low peak fittings allow you to set up a greenhouse even in tight spaces.
    • Think small backyards or areas with overhead restrictions.

4. Covering Your Crops and Beyond

  • Greenhouse Use: After assembling the fittings, cover the top and sides with clear food-grade gardening plastic. Your crops will thrive in a protected environment.
  • Crop Support Structure: Need a sturdy framework for trellises or vertical gardening? Our kits have you covered.
  • Irrigation Anchor: Use the structure as an anchor for your irrigation system. Efficient watering is essential for healthy plants.

Conclusion: Invest Wisely, Grow Confidently

Don’t settle for flimsy prefab kits. Invest in a greenhouse frame that adapts to your needs, withstands the elements, and supports your agricultural endeavors. Our 14-to-24-leg greenhouse frame kits are your solution. Get ahead in the game—choose durability, versatility, and peace of mind.


We are introducing our new line of heavy duty metal structure that can also be used to build shelters for use in Church premises or Restaurants sitting capacity extension or greenhouse structure.

20-24 Leg Greenhouse Carport Canopy Structure Kits  Using 1-3/4" Inside diameter fittings kit.

You may want to consider a lighter fitting of considerable strength if it best suits your project- by using the 1-3/8" inside diameter fittings

The above two options are for building high peak greenhouse frame structure.

There are situation in which low peak greenhouse canopy fittings may better meet your project needs, in such cases as with when you have limitations in the height space available to install your green house. In such situations I recommend using the low peak fittings to set up your greenhouse.

 After assembling the fitting, you may consider using clear food grade gardening plastic to cover the top and sides for use as greenhouse to protect your crops. This structure can also be used as support structure for crops or as an anchor for irrigating your plants.



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We have the Reinforced high Peak Kit for 1" EMT in stock here is link to it https://t.ly/syDz
If you’re interested in the RHP kit for the 1-3/8" tubing check back in about 4-6weeks time for inventory availability using this link https://t.ly/nhkp9


I was looking for reniforced canopy kit with 8 legs but it shows always soldout …. When you gonna be having that product available online purchase…. Thanks


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