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Reinforced High Peak Carport Canopy Fitting Kit for 1" EMT Poles

Reinforced High Peak Carport Canopy Fitting Kit for 1" EMT Poles

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Reinforced High Peak Canopy Fittings Kit with Lock Screws

Canopy Fittings Kit with Footpads

SALE is for the fittings ONLY, required 1" EMT poles not included (Best acquired from your local hardware store).

Reinforced High Peak Canopy Fittings Kit is specially designed for stability, strength, and durability; to handle SNOW and High WIND. Uses 1” EMT Poles.  Each comes with matching footpads


Fitting: Is Steel with reinforcement bar, Lock Screws and Galvanized for Rust Proofing.
Ideal  For: Building Greenhouse, Carports, Gazebo, Pergola, RV Shelter metals frames.
Versatility: Allows you to build 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16-Leg stout frame of any dimension.
User Guide: Setup guide and Pole dimensions is provided upon request (send the request at checkout page). 

Fitting Specifications
  • Inner diameter (ID) 1.21in. (30.86mm) 
  • Inner Arm of fitting to receive only 3" of the EMT tubing. 
  • Needs 1" EMT tubing; actual OD 1.163" (29.54mm)= 1-5/32"
  • Wall thickness = 16 gauge
  • Peak Angle = 120°
  • Pitch Angle = 7" /Linear Ft.
  • Rust Protection = Galvanized.

Style Details:
*4-Leg Kit: best for 6-to-10' (W) x Max 10' (L) frame
*6-Leg Kit: best for 8-to-20' (W) x Max 20' (L) frames
*8-Leg Kit: best for 8-to-20' (W) x Max 30' (L) frames
*10-Leg Kit: best for 8-to-20' (W) x Max 40' (L) frames
*12-Leg Kit: best for10-to30' (W) x Max 50' (L) frames
*14-Leg Kit: best for 12-to-30' (W) x Max 60' (L) frames
*16-Leg Kit: best for 12-to-30' (W) x Max 70' (L) frames

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