20-22-24-Leg Greenhouse Structure Kits_odcdeals

New! ODC Heavy Duty 20-22-24-Leg Large Greenhouse Structure Kits

Introducing 20-22-24-Leg Greenhouse Structure Kits  


This will stand snow and wind! Don't waste your money on prefab greenhouse kits that you cannot extent as needed and easy blown away by wind.

We are introducing our new line of heavy duty greenhouse structure that can also be used to build shelters for use in Church premises or Restaurants sitting capacity extension or even temporary waiting shelter for COVID screening.


20-24 Leg Greenhouse Carport Canopy Structure Kits 




We have the Reinforced high Peak Kit for 1" EMT in stock here is link to it https://t.ly/syDz
If you’re interested in the RHP kit for the 1-3/8" tubing check back in about 4-6weeks time for inventory availability using this link https://t.ly/nhkp9


I was looking for reniforced canopy kit with 8 legs but it shows always soldout …. When you gonna be having that product available online purchase…. Thanks


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